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Name of data file

Luonto Design customer register

Purpose of processing / data file

The purpose of this data file is the storage of customer data, facilitation of communications necessary for customer service and maintenance of customer relations. Customer data may be used for targeted electronic marketing if the customer has given their consent for such use. Other purposes of the data file include enabling online commerce on the company website, for example by exchanging information on orders, billing, payment confirmations or processing between the vendor and customer.

Data contents of the file

First and last name, address and city, telephone number, email address, company name.

Regular sources of data

The data is obtained from the customers themselves, for example in connection with an order or a request for quotation.

Regular disclosures of data and transfer of data out of the EU or EEA

Data may be disclosed from the file if required by legislation. Data is not transferred out of the EU or EEA.


Only the controller and the employees of companies commissioned by the controller have access to the complete file. The databases related to the file are secured with firewalls, passwords and other industry-standard technical safeguards.

Right of access

Under section 26 of the Personal Data Act, data subjects have the right to inspect what data has been stored in the personal data file on them. A request to exercise the right of access must be made with a personally signed letter or by visiting the controller in person.

Data security

The site includes forms used to save order-related user data in the database. The data is processed confidentially, and the purpose of collecting it is the communication between the system and service user that is necessary for customer service. Data is not disclosed to parties outside the company or its technical service providers.


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