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Luonto Design arose from a desire to CREATE BEAUTIFUL THINGS

Luonto Design was born from a love of wood, deep-rooted artisanal traditions and a sprinkle of good luck. It all began back in the 1980s, when Pauliina, the founder of Luonto Design, bought a hand-made wooden serving board in Tallinn. Over the years, she brought back a growing collection of wooden tableware from her travels. Fast-forward more than 40 years, and Paullina had an idea while driving past the Finnish Wooden Boat Centre in Kotka. That is the story behind Luonto Design® – a range of wooden tableware hand-made by traditional boatbuilders.
Pauliina Lunna Jari Vanhatalo


“Food, my home and decorating are everyday sources of pleasure for me. Wood is a perfect material for home decoration and tableware. I got the idea for our wooden tableware from my own experiences of using wooden kitchen products: how easy they can be to maintain. I am drawn to simple things. I never get tired of admiring the play of morning light on the wood grain as I have my coffee.
These are things that add grace to your everyday. Something I recommend for everybody.”

Love, Pauliina

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Our American tulipwood serving boards are made of waste wood heat-treated, planed and finished in Finland, and our birch boards are made of Finnish birch. Heat treatment is a healthy processing method that improves the natural qualities and durability of the wood. It is also environmentally friendly, as the process only requires heat and steam. The products are then finished with natural paraffin oil. The oil gives the boards a water- and grease-repellent surface, makes them easy to clean, and imparts a lovely shade to the product.
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Pauliina Lunna

Decades of entrepreneurship, vast reserves of untapped imagination and enthusiasm.